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Here you'll find a list of the poultry breeds we are currently working with on the farm for the 2023 season.

Not all our breeds are available all the time. Please refer to our SHOP page to see what is available now.


We are currently working with Lavender Ameraucanas. This breed is winter hardy, curious, and friendly, while also being stunningly beautiful. Hens from this breed lay sky blue eggs.

Our Black Copper Marans pen is currently on hold, we may be offering some chicks/eggs later in the spring.

Olive Eggers:

We have several different pens of Olive Eggers to make a variety of shades and depth of olive eggs. Our goal is first for temperament of the birds, with egg colour and a gorgeous variety of speckles a close second. Olive Eggers are hybrids, made of crossing two or more breeds together which results in healthy, prolific layers of large olive eggs, often with gorgeous speckles. We are hatching blue, black copper, splash, lavender, and some other fun variations.

Fibro Easter Eggers:
We are working on a Lavender Fibromelanistic Easter Egger. This year we hope to start offering some chicks from this project pen! Stay tuned on Instagram for updates on when these beauties will be available.

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