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True Story.


Can you guarantee my hatch rate?

Due to many things outside of our control we cannot guarantee you hatch rate. Things like incubator quality, unstable humidity and/or temperature, handling of the eggs, shipping, unreliable broody hens, can all affect your hatch rate. We do not sell or ship our eggs if the fertility rate of the eggs is below 90% and we aim for 95-100% here on the farm. You eggs are from quality birds and we do our best to package them with utmost care, but unfortunately too many things are out of our control to guarantee how many you will hatch.

Do you ship hatching eggs?

We can ship hatching eggs on a limited basis, and we won’t start shipping until about April. Shipping costs are determined by the method in which they are shipped and we recommend Canada Post for the western provinces, and Fedex for anywhere further west than Manitoba. Shipping is hard on eggs and it’s possible that you may end up with very few that hatch if the eggs were handled roughly in transit. We want to make sure our customers are aware of the risks. A hatch rate of 50% for shipped eggs is considered very good. We are unable to guarantee anything after the eggs have left our farm. We carefully package every egg and try to include a few extra in each shipment to give you the best possible chance of a good hatch.

Can I request different eggs in a dozen?

In busy times we won’t likely be able to switch hatching eggs, but you can always ask. If we have a long waitlist or certain hens just aren’t laying as prolifically as we’d like we may not be able to honour your request. We have made up a few different dozens such as the Rainbow Dozen or the Breeder’s Choice Dozen if you’d like multiple breeds in a dozen.

Can I order sexed chicks?

Our chicks are available straight run (unsexed) and we cannot sex them. Studies have shown that vent sexing chicks is an invasive procedure and dramatically increases the likely hood of a vent prolapse later in life. We want to provide healthy chicks that will give you lots of eggs for many years so we do not sex our chicks.


I ended up with too many roosters. Will you take them back?

We have a strict biosecurity policy on our farm and unfortunately cannot take back any birds that have left our farm in order to keep our flock safe from poultry diseases. When you order hatching eggs or chicks you can expect to get 50% pullets and 50% cockerels. People are often surprised at the number of roosters they receive, but like any other animal there is a 50/50 chance of male or female. A good thing to do is order twice as many eggs or chicks as you’d like hens in the end. You can re-home cockerels, but it is our experience that there are often way too many roosters people are trying to unload and it can be difficult. Here on the farm we process our roosters as food for our family.

Do you ship chicks?

At this time we are not shipping chicks, but may add this option in the future.

Coming Soon.
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